How to correctly interpret a Covid test

The Omicron variant that appeared at the end of last year led to a large increase in Covid-19 infections, which have not stopped increasing, raising the numbers alarmingly.

Although it is true that it has been proven that the symptoms of this variant are milder than those of others, the fact of being able to become infected is still worrying.

Sales of rapid tests for Covid-19 antigens have skyrocketed in the market and have become key in this process of coexistence with the virus. You can get them from different laboratories: Covid-19 BOSON, Covid-19 NEWGENE, Covid-19 WESAIL, Covid-19 GOLDSIDE, Covid-19 FLOW FLEX.

What are rapid Covid tests ?

The SARS-CoV2 rapid antigen tests are tests that you can perform autonomously to find out if you are infected or not.

They have a very simple system that allows you to take the test in practical steps that are summarized in taking the sample, putting it in the container and waiting for it to be ready.

In this test, nasal or oral samples are analyzed ( rapid oral fluid antigen test or also called Covid-19 saliva test), which, by containing virus proteins, if they have active Covid, will indicate whether you are infected or not.

It is important that you follow all the instructions offered on the package in detail, in addition to consulting a health professional if you do not feel prepared.

How to interpret the rapid Covid tests?

 These tests are usually small in size and have sections that indicate the results of the test. To be able to interpret a rapid Covid test you have to know the following:

  • The control line (C) is the one that indicates that the test has been done correctly, that is, regardless of whether the results are positive or negative, this line next to the C must always be present and visible, otherwise , the test is invalid and you will have to repeat it.
  • The Test Line (T) is visible when the test result is positive. This can be presented in a dim or darker way, whatever color that appears from these two, if it is observable, it will indicate the presence of the virus.
  • If the test line (T) is not visible and only the control line (C) is, it indicates that the test is negative.

Points to consider SARS-CoV2 rapid tests

Now, it is recommended that these tests be used the first five or seven days after the onset of symptoms, which is the time when there is the highest viral load.

On the other hand, these tests can give false negatives or positives (infrequent), so you should always be aware of this possibility and more so if you have symptoms present.

In conclusion, all rapid Covid tests are of great help in the early detection of the disease. Using them is not complicated at all and will give you accurate results as long as you follow the instructions and advice well.