How to know if I have Covid and I am asymptomatic

Covid-19 is a virus that has spread throughout the world. It can affect from the youngest to the oldest, and bring deadly consequences if not taken care of.

It has already been said that the virus affects people in different ways. Some may have few and mild symptoms and others various and severe. This depends on the state of health and immune system of each person.

Asymptomatic Covid cases are very common, but many of the people it happens to don’t even know it. These cases of the virus without visible signs are causing large contagions, since those who suffer from it, believing themselves healthy, interact with others, giving rise to new infections.

How is Covid asymptomatic?

 As its name says, it refers to when a pathology is suffered but there are no signs or symptoms. The World Health Organization has expressed that a person with asymptomatic Covid is capable of infecting other people.

According to a study published in the journal EMBO Reports, it is explained that the reason why some people have symptoms of Covid and others do not, is in the Alveolar Macrophages, which are cells found in the respiratory tract.

During the early stages of the disease, these cells play a key role as they can give an immune response to some respiratory virus.

When the body discovers an infection, the immune system produces interferons to defend itself. These factors that are different in each person are what make diseases affect each individual differently.

How to detect an asymptomatic Covid?

 In these cases, as there are no signs of the disease present, it is common for patients to trust but it must be remembered that Covid infections are numerous, so if you had contact with a family member or acquaintance who tested positive and days later you have no symptoms It does not mean that you do not have the disease, you may be an asymptomatic case.

Of all the Covid-19 tests: antibodies, rapid antigen test and PCR, the last test is the one that works to detect the virus in these cases, since it recognizes genetic remains of the virus regardless of whether there are symptoms or not.

For its part, the SARS-CoV2 rapid antigen tests: (Covid-19 BOSON, Covid-19 NEWGENE, Covid-19 WESAIL, Covid-19 GOLDSIDE, Covid-19 FLOW FLEX) are only effective if they are performed in the first 5 days of the disease and when there are already visible symptoms. This happens both in nasal tests and in the Covid-19 saliva tests.

Something similar happens with antibody tests, they work when they find traces of Covid defenses in the body.

In conclusion, cases of asymptomatic patients are common and can be a bit more complicated to diagnose. If you had direct contact with the virus and do not present the symptoms, getting a test to rule it out is a very good decision.