The most convenient Covid-19 test according to each situation

Covid is a disease that has affected the world population overwhelmingly. Becoming one of the strongest viruses that have affected humanity.

Within the reach of most, it is possible to access a covid test to rule out or confirm if they have the disease and receive subsequent treatment for full recovery. It is important that you find out everything about these tests so that you can choose the most convenient one for you.

 Are all Covid tests the same?

 Although they have the same purpose, which is to diagnose the disease, there are differences in each one, both in the way they are used, in their effectiveness and in the time to give results. These tests are:

  • The molecular test (PCR): Capable of finding the presence of the virus in the organism. Considered the most accurate but they need a few days to give the results.
  • The rapid antigen test (Covid-19 BOSON, Covid-19 NEWGENE, Covid-19 WESAIL, Covid-19 GOLDSIDE and Covid-19 FLOW FLEX): Identifies the virus proteins, of these you can find Covid-19 saliva test or test with nasal samples.
  • The antibody test, which is used to find out if a person was infected by the virus by discovering the defenses they developed.

With these options, it is sometimes difficult for people to identify which one should be done. For this you must think about factors such as the time in which you want the results, the effectiveness of the test and the ease you have to do it.

What is the ideal Covid test for me?

 Here are some of the important aspects that can guide you to define the most convenient test for you:

When you have symptoms of Covid: If you already have symptoms of Covid and want to know if you have the disease, both the antigen and molecular tests are an excellent option. However, between the two, the PCR will give you more accurate results, but you must be aware that they require a few days for the diagnosis.

When you have travel plans: In this case, the best thing you can do is find out what proof is needed to travel by plane and enter certain places.

From country to country the conditions vary so it is something that you should investigate in the first instance. They may request a molecular test or accept rapid SARS-CoV2 antigen and antibody tests.

If you will meet with several people: In the event that you attend a certain meeting, in addition to taking biosecurity measures once you are in the place, it is also important that all those present undergo a test to define whether they are infected or not. .

The best option in these cases is a rapid antigen tests with oral or nasal fluid, since they take a few minutes and are more practical.

If you were exposed to Covid: If you were close to someone who tested positive in a close time, it is good that you take a test even if you do not present symptoms. In these cases, the ideal is PCR since it can detect the virus even if there is little presence of it in the nose or throat.

The arrival of Covid has radically changed our daily lives. It is everyone’s responsibility to use the corresponding measures to avoid infections and follow the recommendations if the pathology was contracted.