Which Covid test is the most effective

Covid tests are of great importance in the Covid detection process that is carried out in the world. Accessing them quickly and efficiently is something that all governments have worked for.

Currently there are several test options from which you can choose depending on your case. If you feel it is necessary or your doctor indicates it, do not hesitate to have one done to rule out possible infections.

Different types of Covid test

A Covid test allows you to know if you are infected with the virus so that the doctor can proceed to prescribe the most recommended treatment according to your case. If you fight the disease in time, it will be easier for you to recover without causing major damage.

Depending on factors that have to do with time, availability and other needs, you can choose the most convenient for you.

PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test)

In this, samples are taken from the area behind the pharynx and what it does is detect if there is viral RNA, if this is positive it will indicate that you have an active infection and also if you are capable of infecting others.

Rapid Covid-19 antigen test

It is a test where a nasopharyngeal or saliva sample is taken in case it is a rapid oral fluid antigen test, to find virus proteins that indicate whether you are infected or not. They are very quick and easy to do.

find them in laboratories such as: Covid-19 BOSON, Covid-19 NEWGENE, Covid-19 WESAIL, Covid-19 GOLDSIDE and Covid-19 FLOW FLEX.

Serological tests

 In this test, a blood sample is taken and the antibodies generated in the body when fighting the virus are detected. They will tell you if you were exposed simply and quickly.

Which Covid test is the most effective?

Now that you know them, you are surely wondering which of these Covid tests is the most effective.

The health authorities have already said it, the PCR test is the most reliable and is superior to the others by 90%, since it has a more complete system that detects virus particles and checks whether or not you have the disease. However, you must consider that it will take a little more time but you will have total security.

For their part, serological tests are effective on a smaller scale and have the drawback that because they do not detect the virus itself, but rather the antibodies created by the body, they do not achieve results in the early stages of the disease.

On the other hand, the SARS-CoV2 rapid antigen tests are not equal to the PCR either, since they have a lower specificity and, like the serological ones, do not determine the presence of the virus itself, which gives the possibility of results that are not entirely certain.

However, although PCR is the most effective test to diagnose the disease, you should not rule out or distrust the other options as they also have high reliability rates.

All the Covid tests available have different detection systems to be able to give a diagnosis and in most cases they give accurate results.